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Introducing the SCALE Network

West Sussex Lived / Living Experience 

CAPITAL Project Trust has been commissioned by the Community Transformation Programme to provide a Coproduction Lead for West Sussex. That Lead is Catherine, who joined CAPITAL in May, bringing experience from several organisations where they influenced changes using their own living perspectives around mental health issues such as suicide related issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, domestic abuse and being a carer for someone with poor mental health.


Catherine is setting up a network which is open to anyone in West Sussex who has experience of poor mental health, or cares for someone who has (family, friends or even neighbours who provide unpaid support). The network will provide feedback and innovative ideas for the Mental Health Community Transformation Programme, and will link with various organisations, leaders, commissioners, and sister networks in East Sussex, and Brighton and Hove.


Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the SCALE Network is Catherine McGill
(Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her; He/Him)

Complete our online registration form for the SCALE Network (Should take approximately eight minutes)


Telephone: 07821 659575

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