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Learning Together

  • Link and coordinate between existing lived experience groups / networks.

  • Create, or contribute to, a shared repository of information about mental health support, lived experience, and other information, such as a ‘jargon buster’ for terms people might encounter when working with mental health services.

  • Support shared learning and connecting people, through open and continued communication.

  • Understand support organisations’ identities, focus, service provision and lived experience opportunities.

  • Share good practice and lessons learned, to ensure ongoing improvement of services.

  • Provide training, mentorship and support to people with lived/living experience.

  • Provide training, mentorship and support to staff in organisations where lived/living experience is utilised, or desired.

  • Identify, and enable the inclusion of, people from communities who struggle with support service engagement.



Key Principles of the SCALE Network

Shifting Power

Working Together

Ring of Light Bulbs
Bees at Work
Holding Hands

Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the SCALE Network is Catherine McGill 
(Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her; He/Him)

Catherine McGill is temporarily unavailable, if you have any queries about the SCALE Network contact us below:


Phone: 01243 869662

Complete our online registration form for the SCALE Network (Should take approximately eight minutes)

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