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End of Different View Course in Littlehampton

25 Aug 2023

No Attachments

No Attachments

Our collaboration with Recovery Partners for a ten-week mental health photography course in Littlehampton has concluded. After the first course being a great success!

CAPITAL Project Trust and Recovery partners recently finished the first of our free mental health photography courses to people living with severe mental health conditions around Littlehampton. This course has been an incredibly success for the participants and for both charities, it has been productive, fun and inspiring.

Below is a video from our amazing particiants talking about their experience with this course.

Even though the ten-week course in Littlehampton has concluded, there is another course which will be starting in Crawley in October 2023. If you are interested in being apart of this course then please email course facilitator Antony Stevens from Recovery Partners at

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