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SCALE Network
Sussex Co-Production and Lived/Living Experience Networks

Image shows scales balancing some people of different genders and one in a wheelchair against an image of a network of people.

What is the SCALE Network?

SCALE stands for Sussex Coproduction And Lived/Living Experience, and the SCALE Network brings together people who have a shared desire to make changes in Sussex’s mental health care services.

The network provides an opportunity for people to have their say in the development of mental health services in Sussex. It aims to unite the different lived experience groups in West Sussex, to provide more consistency across the region. A goal is to reduce inequalities around support service provision and around lived experience engagement.

Catherine Talks About the Value of Co-Production

Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the SCALE Network is Catherine McGill 
(Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her; He/Him)

Catherine McGill is temporarily unavailable, if you have any queries about the SCALE Network contact us below:


Phone: 01243 869662

Complete our online registration form for the SCALE Network (Should take approximately eight minutes)

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