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West Sussex LEAG
Lived Experience Advisory Group

What is the LEAG?

Our group is a dedicated Mental Health Lived/ Living Experience Network with a focus on challenging and changing Local Mental Health Care.

We strive to develop mental health support through lived experience while co-producing with local partners and organisations (such as the NHS and Council-driven services).

We are proudly independent and aim to advocate for everyone, including minority groups and people from diverse backgrounds in the West Sussex area. 

We provide lived experience insight to influencing and shaping services for the future.

LEAG Information - to follow

Catherine Talks About the Value of Co-Production

Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the LEAG is Sara Shepherd 
(Pronouns: She/Her)

If you would like more information or want to join us, please contact:

Email: or

Phone: 01243 869662 / 07522 227941

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