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Working Together

  • Create an advisory group dedicated to the SCALE network project to coproduce the project’s potential end product.

  • Work with partner groups and organisations to develop common and equitable standards for lived experience opportunities, such as payment policies, working condition agreements or training / support offerings.

  • Develop standardised training accessible to anyone considering lived experience work.

  • Work with partner groups and organisations to shape a common language to reduce exclusion and improve public relations.

  • Support the Changing Futures and Community Transformation programmes.

  • Ensure that organisations and project leads know how they can include lived/living experience, and where they can source it – supporting recruitment of those experts when appropriate

  • Agree common areas for information and resource sharing with partner groups and organisations.



work together
Painting Together

Image One shows a group of people sat around a table with a laptop, pens and paper working on a project.

Image Two shows two people painting a white room in a salmon colour.

Image Three shows three women who are volunteering at a food bank with one holding a sealed tin.

Key Principles of the SCALE Network

Learning Together

Working Together

Shifting Power

Ring of Light Bulbs
Bees at Work
Holding Hands

Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the SCALE Network is Catherine McGill 
(Pronouns: They/Them; She/Her; He/Him)

Catherine McGill is temporarily unavailable, if you have any queries about the SCALE Network contact us below:


Phone: 01243 869662

Complete our online registration form for the SCALE Network (Should take approximately eight minutes)

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