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Happy Pride Month from CAPITAL Project Trust

As it is Pride Month we are celebrating the amazing contributions that the LGBTQ+ Community have given to our society and culture.

Love is Love and that should be the end of it. At CAPITAL one of our slogans are "Equality & Respect In. Prejudice Out.". This is a slogan which has always been associated with CAPITAL Project Trust and we are proud to represent true equality and egalitarianism.

So we wanted to share Pride Events in East Sussex, West Sussex, and Hampshire.

*This is not be a comprehensive list!

Pride Events in West Sussex:

  1. Worthing Pride (Friday 8th to Saturday 9th July 2022)

  2. Langham Pride (Saturday 9th July 2022)

  3. Crawley Pride & Parade (Saturday 20th August to Sunday 21st August 2022)

Pride Events in East Sussex:

  1. Eastbourne Pride (Saturday 23rd July 2022)

  2. Brighton & Hove Pride (Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2022)

  3. Seahaven Pride (Saturday 27th August 2022)

Pride Events in Hampshire:

  1. Portsmouth Pride (Saturday 11th July 2022)

  2. New Forest Pride at New Milton (Saturday 20th August 2022)

  3. Southampton Pride (Saturday 27th August 2022)

Happy Pride Month to everyone from us at CAPITAL!


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