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March 2024 Newsletter & Events

29 Feb 2024

PDF Version of March 2024 Events

CAPITAL Project Trust's Events for March 2024

Hello and Welcome to our March Newsletter.

Here at CAPITAL we’ve had a busy exciting February so please read on to learn more about what CAPITAL has been up to.

Coordinator News:

The moving on meeting has been going very well at Meadowfield Hospital, so it has been decided that it will now be extended to Langley Green and Oaklands which is wonderful news.

If you are ever in the Worthing Tescos store please put the blue tokens in our charity box at the front of the store so that we can get some money donated to us to help us continue the work that we do.

Our amazing CAPITAL Mascot Milo has been working hard everywhere especially giving support at the Quarterly Peer Meeting.

AAW meetings have had some new members starting this month which is very positive so please head on down to our AAW meetings when you can, we would love to see you and get a good attendance number there. Thank you to the Western Members for turning up at the office for the monthly meeting at the end of February.

Unfortunately there will be no meeting in March but we will be moving to the library in April and We have Tabitha stepping up to support the Coordinator to run those meetings.

Thank you to all the volunteers for your support, it is very much appreciated. If any one would like to volunteer for us please let us know. Also this month, we welcomed 12 members with both physical and mental health issues to the Safehaven.

We were working in Partnership with Vita health care to explore and advise additional ways to support their patients with their mental health. They work with spinal care and hope to bring their work to West Sussex this year.

Our members had a lovely lunch and then provided Vita with insight on how mental and physical health impacts on them. This provided a great opportunity to expand on our awareness as a community and form partnerships in West Sussex. Thank you to all who took part, your contributions are appreciated, and we will keep you all informed of the progress.

Hope you all have a lovely month of March, fingers crossed for drier weather, please take a look at our diary of events for all the details of the events we have happening.

Thank you, Your CAPITAL team.

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