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Changing Futures Sussex: Co-Production

1 Feb 2023

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The Value and Power of Co-Production in West Sussex

Last year CAPITAL Project Trust in collaboration with Changing Futures Sussex and Possability People launched a new network: Sussex Co-Production and Lived/Living Experience Network (SCALE) with the aim to improve mental health services and facilities in West Sussex.

CAPITAL's very own Catherine McGill has spearheaded this project and made great progress with the project. SCALE's values are collaborative learning, sharing of power to ensure consistency across West Sussex and working together to future-proof services in quality and longevity.

In other news, Catherine McGill is currently on a period of leave.


We are excited to announce that Changing Futures Sussex is hosting an event to talk about the power of co-production, values and the future of services across West Sussex.

The event will occur Wednesday 15th March 2023, 10:00-16:00 at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

To find out more about the event:


To find out more about the SCALE Network:


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