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Members Awards

We welcome back our long-standing Member Awards and introduce the Jacqui Cavalier Award - which aims to capture our former Chair's essence, remembering her creativity, passion, dedication and resilience.


AGM 2023 update:

At our AGM last year on 12th October 2023, we celebrated the achievements of our Members through these Awards.  Members and colleagues were encouraged to nominate.
There were three categories: 

·        The Andrea Linell Award is for a member (or members) who have created or been involved with a piece of work that does something to enhance the name of CAPITAL and its reputation 

·        The Peter Brooks Award is made to members who deliver great informal peer support to others 

·        The Jacqui Cavalier Award celebrates CAPITAL members who have, through resilience, been positive in overcoming challenges.

CAPITAL’s 2023 Annual General Meeting was our first in person AGM for a few years.  It was a chance to reflect on the challenges of the year up to April 2023, celebrate successes and look forward to the future.   

We are grateful to Liv Slania, our special guest presenter who inspired through her talk about hope, peer support and ‘Superheroics.’ 

We were also delighted to recommence our CAPITAL membership awards and this year featured a new award in recognition of our former Chair’s work and resilience, the Jacqui Cavalier Award.  This Award accompanied the Peter Brooks Award (recognising great peer support) and Andrea Linnell Award (recognising achievements enhancing CAPITAL’s name and reputation). 

The Awards were presented by Roy Davies, Chair of Trustees, Liv Slania, Guest Speaker, and John Cavalier. 

Nominees for the three awards were: 

Tim Bird, Heidi Tilney, Carole Murray, Katja Anders, Jane Baxter, Liz Kirk, James Bradley, Lin Gibbs, the Monday Art and Craft Group, Helen Hayward, Lorraine Faulkner Hardy, Tabitha Thompson, Catherine McGill and Elaine Ogunfoalu. 

The Awards were presented to: 

·        CAROLE MURRAY – Andrea Linnell Award 

·        MONDAY ART AND CRAFT GROUP – Peter Brooks Award 

·        TIM BIRD – Jacqui Cavalier Award 

Congratulations to all!

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Contact Information:

The Co-Production Lead for the SCALE Network is Sara Shepherd 
(Pronouns: She/Her)


Phone: 01243 869662

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