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CAPITAL Project Trust

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Clients And Professionals In Training And Learning

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Celebrating 25th anniversary of charity


  • Tackling isolation and stigma by providing a community of people who understand what it feels like to have mental ill health. Membership is Free.

  • Offering Education to our membership through new member training with many more courses available to build self esteem, confidence and mutual support. We encourage learning and provide support to qualify as level 4 peer support workers if members are able. There is no pressure to do this and members can advance at their own speed We provide part time employment where suitable 

  • We are a Living Wage Employer.

Community & Alliances

We are a community of people who have lived experience of mental ill health and offer free membership to combat isolation and stigma. We support each other and provide pathways to recovery where possible. We connect with professionals and clinicians and provide training to Universities and other organisations. We believe in co-production being embedded in services  from outset as we know what works and what hurts.

We are part of an alliance of Charities commissioned by West Sussex CCG who are Pathfinder and can be found here.


Peer Support & Patient View Point

Our Peer Support Workers are employed  and provide full Peer Support to all three mental health acute Hospitals throughout West Sussex. (Chichester, Crawley, and Worthing).

Training for our Peer Support Workers is provided in-house and is accredited through Middlesex University.

Our Patient Viewpoint Services (PVP) is provided by CAPITAL Project Trust Volunteers and provides an anonymous feedback from clients to services in order that clients can talk freely about their experiences during their stay.


The CAPITAL Project started in 1997 with an idea from a trainer who was working in mental health in Social & Caring Services in Bognor and Chichester, who was already inviting people who had mental health problems to join training courses for Social Workers.


The idea was expanded to give the opportunity to others; funding was obtained and a co-ordinator employed who recruited thirty people from all over West Sussex who had mental health problems. At this point the project was called Users as Trainers, an unpopular term at the time, as people with such problems were known as Service Users.


These people were given all kinds of training such as treatments (both traditional and alternative), DSS benefits, mental health legislation and empowerment. They were also trained in doing presentations, planning training sessions and facilitating groups. Their confidence and self esteem improved and soon they were giving talks about their experiences with mental health services to social workers and mental health professionals on their training courses.


It quickly became evident that this type of training was very valuable and they were invited to give their views at various levels of service management.  At that point they decided to change the name to CAPITAL – Clients and Professionals in Training and Learning.  This reflected the value of people with mental health issues working together with professionals to share knowledge and ideas on improving services in a non-confrontational manner.  It also recognised that people who had used mental health services had developed expertise and were able to work as professionals themselves.


The CAPITAL Project grew over the years and became a company and a registered charity. It was funded by West Sussex Health & Social Caring Services NHS Trust and European Social Funding.  It worked with many professional mental health groups at all levels in West Sussex plus universities, colleges and other voluntary groups. It hosted an event (in the name of a deceased member David Goodey) between its members and West Sussex Health & Caring NHS Trust professionals. At this event a “Service Users Charter” was drawn up which is still used by professionals today. It also hosted a conference at Gatwick for other such groups from 14 counties and has sent people all over the country and abroad to Romania, Finland and the USA.


CAPITAL continues to prosper and grow and is highly valued in the whole of West Sussex and in many parts of the country. Currently the CCG support and fund the project.


Membership is from people all over West Sussex who meet in their own areas once a month and meet together quarterly. New recruits can still go on the training course and it costs them nothing.


More information can be obtained from staff in Bognor Regis on 01243 869662.


Marie Butcher, Co Founder 2017